ColorCRUSH Brings Action-Packed Gameplay to Arcade Centres

ColorCRUSH Brings Action-Packed Gameplay to Arcade Centres images: CREATIVE WORKS; CREATIVE WORKS FACEBOOK 

Creative Works' ColorCRUSH is a compact reaction game that lets children and adults enjoy a variety of fun, action-packed play variations.

ColorCRUSH is one of the exciting offerings launched last year for the arcade and attractions market. Created by AtomicRUSH and Lazer Frenzy developer Creative Works, the compact wall game takes up only 10 feet of wall space and offers hundreds of play variations for players of all ages. Along with delivering action-packed gameplay, ColorCRUSH makes an attractive, colourful addition to any arcade facility or family entertainment centre.


ColorCRUSH operates by itself and does not require an attendant. It has an intuitive interface and uses 24 smart LED touch sensors that pulse and change to challenge users to play with colours, lights and speed. The fast-paced games require players to select their colour and touch the correct flashing tiles as quickly as they can to collect points.

The game has two and four-player versions and includes a game kiosk with a high fidelity sound system. The kiosk accepts payments via bills, coins or swipe cards. The game's integrated redemption capability and bonus tiles encourage children and adults to keep playing and coming back.


ColorCRUSH panels are light and easy to install, and their size and shape can be customised to suit the requirements of any facility. Additionally, Creative Works offers on-site employee training and an in-house support staff for updates and troubleshooting.

Based in Mooresville, Indiana, Creative Works has been a leader in the attractions industry for almost two decades. The company specialises in FEC design and has developed, constructed and installed attractions in entertainment centres around the globe.



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