Infinite Production Introduces LightHunter

Infinite Production Introduces LightHunter images: INFINITE PRODUCTION 

Infinite Production has launched the LightHunter, a coordination game that challenges players to catch the light as it moves from one target to another.

Infinite Production, a Czech fitness gaming company, has introduced the LightHunter, a new motion-coordination game that provides an entertaining, addictive physical activity to players of all ages and is suitable for different kinds of events and occasions. The concept of the game is fairly simple: the player must press the target lights as quickly as possible when they light up.

The LightHunter comes with three game modes: Hunt, Chase and Endurance. In the Hunt mode, the target lights up in random sequences until it is pressed and the number of buttons the player hits over the course of a game determines the final score. The games typically last for 30 seconds. This mode is a good option for corporate events.

The Chase mode offers a modified version of Hunt, with targets lighting up only for a limited amount of time. If the player does not react and hit the target within that time frame, the next target lights up, which makes the game faster and more fun. The mode is not really suitable for competitions, as the final score is determined by coincidence to a large degree.


In the Endurance mode, the time spent playing the game is determined by the player's performance. Targets only light up for a limited time and if the player does not press the target, the game ends. The score determines the length of the uninterrupted game.

LightHunter is suitable for players aged 5 to 65. It takes up an area of two square meters and the games take about 45 minutes to install. Units can be tailored to suit the needs of individual clients or designed for particular events. The design, colour and shape of the targets can be changed and more game modes added.

Watch the video to see the system at play.

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