iSlide Brings Interactive Games to Water Parks

iSlide Brings Interactive Games to Water Parks images: ISLIDE 

iSlide supplies interactive gaming modules that turn the water sliding experience into an unique adventure.

iSlide, the world's first supplier of interactive games for water slides, offers an advanced concept that uses interactive plug and play modules to transform the experience of water sliding. The modules can be used with new or existing water slides to introduce elements of interactive gaming, competition and social media and engage water park visitors in fun active play. The modules are expandable, allowing operators to always keep surprising their customers with exciting new experiences.

islide interactive slide

The iSlide concept combines projections and light and sound effects with interactive games and links to social media sites to deliver unique gaming content and a range of innovative possibilities for various marketing campaigns. The effects and sounds can be managed online to offer visitors a different experience every time they visit. Water park operators benefit both from offering customers a completely new experience and from the free internet traffic that customers generate when they upload their picture to social media.

islide interactive slide

The gaming options available with the iSlide concept add a lot of variety to water parks. The Slide Champ, for instance, records players' sliding time and displays it along with the current sliding time and the best time of the day to encourage competition. The White Magic system delivers stunning effects with RGB lights that keep changing colour. The lights are arranged inside the water slide, 2 to 3 metres apart from each other. The Mosquito Slide, another interactive setup, challenges customers to hit a series of lights while going down the slide.

islide interactive slideislide interactive slide

islide interactive slide

The Aqua Smash game uses touch points that can be arranged over a length of about 25 metres. The touch points change colour and, along with speed, it is the colour that determines the player’s score. Additionally, the system uses two speakers to provide sliders with audio feedback to motivate them to keep smashing the targets and to deliver buzzing sounds similar to those of a bug being smashed.

islide interactive slide

The Bucket Game is an interactive wall that challenges two players to keep hitting targets as they light up. The first player to score 10 points wins the game and the player who loses gets splashed with a bucket of water. The system can be installed next to a swimming pool to deliver competition, action and excitement for visitors who do not normally go sliding. Watch the video below to see the experience that the Bucket Game delivers.

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