X-Putt Tests Putting Skills for Practice or Cash

X-Putt Tests Putting Skills for Practice or Cash images: WORLD GOLF SYSTEMS 

The X-Putt game challengers users' skills and lets them putt for cash prizes.

X-Putt is an innovative game of skill that lets users test their physical skills and judgement while having fun, and offers them the chance to putt for practice or cash prizes. The game is an excellent choice for operators to attract new customers and increase profits with a stylish, compelling new offering.

X-Putt is a 10 ball game that requires players to follow instructions on the screen and aim for 10 putting holes on the X-shaped outfield in order. Players putting for cash accumulate points and they can take the 'X-Putt Challenge' to earn up to £50.

The X-Putt game is designed for adults, but is suitable for users of all ages. It is highly addictive and can be played by the entire family. X-Putt is compact in size and quick and easy to install, with simple touch screen instructions. The game is available in three different versions: X-Putt Payout, X-Putt Challenge, and X-Putt Pro. X-Putt Payout challenges users' skills and lets them putt for cash. X-Putt Challenge lets them play individually, against friends, or against a group. X-Putt Pro can be played both by golfers and non-golfers. It is absorbing, easy to learn, and skillful to master.


X-Putt Payout, launched in 2009, is available on a revenue share basis, outright sale or lease rental agreement. X-Putt is used in numerous locations across the UK, at Centre Parcs, Tenpin, Hollywood Bowl, Haven Holiday Parks, AMF Bowling, as well as in many retail outlets and family entertainment centres.

X-Putt Nano is another interesting option for operators and club owners. It is an SWP less than half the footprint of the original X-Putt. It lets customers win instant prizes or cash and has all the features of X-Putt Payout. X-Putt Nano accepts cash and coins in any currency, and a redemption model is available. The machine supports linking for live tournaments and can be customised to meet the client's brand requirements. Because it is smaller in size than the original machine, X-Putt Nano can be used both in existing markets and in other venues like clubs, pubs, casinos and arcades.


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