Blue Goji Brings Post-Apocalypse and Zombies to Goji Play

Blue Goji Brings Post-Apocalypse and Zombies to Goji Play images: BLUE GOJI, FACEBOOK 

Goji Play users can now get fit while fighting zombies on their cardio machine.

Blue Goji has added three new, free games to the growing Goji Play lineup, providing users with three new, original ways to make their cardio training more interesting.

Goji Play, the company's fitness gaming device launched late last year, consists of an activity sensor and a set of wireless game controllers that let users play games while doing their daily routine on a treadmill or an exercise bike.

The three new options to make cardio speed along are Takeo's Trouble, The Tapping Dead, and Speedbump.

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Takeo's Trouble, developed by Maestro Interactive Games, is a 3D puzzler that asks players to navigate a ball through obstacles across 76 stages and collect cookies to complete their journey. Players must reach their goal before they run out of time.

The Tapping Dead, created by Crazy Cricket, LLC, uses retro graphics and catchy tunes, and it challenges players to make it through 150 levels filled with zombies.

Speedbump, developed by Blue Goji, has exclusive elements for exercise and is set in the wasted highways of a post-apocalyptic world. The game asks players to dodge bullets and smash other cars to score points.

The new games are available at the iTunes Store.

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