EFT-1 Electronic Target Challenges Users to Improve Their Fencing Skills

EFT-1 Electronic Target Challenges Users to Improve Their Fencing Skills images: FAVERO ELECTRONICS 

The EFT-1 is an electronic fencing target that uses interactive lights to offer a variety of options for training.

The EFT-1 electronic fencing target is a device specially designed to offer nine different types of exercises to help users improve their fencing skills. The interactive device has five targets and uses lights to signal which one of them should be attacked. Once the user hits a target, the light turns from red to green. The system was developed to engage users with a challenging pace and motivate them to reach specific goals.

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The EFT-1 training programs can be adapted by the fencing master, who can set different parameters for each of the exercises depending on the student's level and specific areas that need improvement. Students can see the response time of every hit, as well as the average time for each exercise and the record time for the last 100 completed exercises, which motivates them to keep improving their skills and personal best score. At the same time, the stats help the fencing master evaluate students' level and plan future training sessions based on their performance. The stats displayed for each exercise also include the number of attacks that need to made, the overall score and the best attack time for the exercise.

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The EFT-1 offers a wide range of options for different types of attacks. Students can be challenged to attack a single target with one or more hits, or to hit multiple targets at the same time or in sequence. The number of attacks for each exercise can be programmed between 3 and 99.

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The electronic target is available with optional accessories that include a floor mount stand that can be used when the EFT-1 mounting brackets cannot be attached to a wall, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 55 hours, a battery charger, and an extension cord.

electronic fencing wall

EFT-1 was developed by Favero Electronics, a manufacturer of electronic devices designed for use in sports and leisure activities. Based in Arcade, Italy, the company produces a wide range of billboards, scoreboards with luminous LED displays, coin-token acceptors, chronometers and other products for different sports, including cycling, football, handball, basketball, volleyball, boxing, billiards, water polo and martial arts. Watch the video below to see some of the ways in which the EFT-1 can be used in training.

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