EON Sports VR Offers Immersive Virtual Reality Training for Football and Baseball

EON Sports VR Offers Immersive Virtual Reality Training for Football and Baseball images: EON REALITY 

EON Sports VR offers next generation technology for sports training that uses virtual reality to increase players’ motivation and improve their performance through unique virtual experiences.

Sports training technology developer EON Sports VR offers innovative solutions that immerse users in different realities to transform the concept of performance development and increase engagement. Developed for both amateur and professional athletes, the company’s VR sports training platform helps athletes optimize practice and serves as a sophisticated tool for player development, advance scout and game day preparation, allowing players to focus on key performance parameters that help improve their game.

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The company’s W.I.N. Series, a baseball training solution, offers an ultra-realistic experience with hitting enabled along with performance tracking and analysis tools that provide players with insights into what they need to improve to raise their game to the next level. Used by Major League Baseball (MLB) and Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) teams, the platform offers realistic batting practice against the game’s best pitchers or the pitchers that players will be up against to help the players improve their strike zone awareness, study pitchers’ release and ball movement, or relive and analyze their previous bats. The platform works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other popular headsets, as well as with smartphone-based displays. Players can also use the EON iCube, which allows the platform to reproduce both the ball flight and the throwing motion.

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The home training solution for amateur baseball players offers strike zone and pitch tracking training with former professional first baseman and designated hitter Jason Giambi. It is available with a VR headset for a more immersive experience. The VR football training platform comes in the form of the Sidekiq VR football simulator and offers four separate solutions for 7 on 7 Training, zone read challenge, QB challenge with top quarterback coach Steve Clarkson, and defensive challenge with former football player and member of the College Football and Pro Football Hall of Fame Mike Ditka.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Sidekiq QB Challenge and hear about some of its benefits in training from QB coaches across the U.S.

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