Impact Wrap Turns Martial Arts Training into a Video Game

Impact Wrap Turns Martial Arts Training into a Video Game images: IMPACT WRAP 

Impact Wrap uses a sensor designed for punching bags to turn cardio kickboxing/boxing training and other martial arts workouts into a real-life video game.

Impact Gym gamifies training with the heavy bag to make it more competitive and fun, and motivates users to work harder to keep improving. The platform uses a patent-pending sensor to turn any punching bag into a smart fitness training device that tracks users' kicks and punches and provides them with real-time feedback on their performance. The platform transforms martial arts training into a game-like experience, awarding users with points based on the intensity of their strikes, or how much they accelerate the bag. Users can hit the bag with their hands, elbows, feet or any other part of their body to start accumulating points. They can use their scores to set personal benchmarks and goals, or to compare their performance to that of other users.

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The Impact Wrap can be easily attached to most punching bags, including both standalone bags and hanging bags. The sensor can be fastened outside the striking area, either at the top or at the base of the bag, to start tracking the number and intensity of the user's strikes. It comes with a strap and Velcro used to secure it tightly against the bag.

boxing bag interactiveboxing bag interactive

The Impact Wrap is currently available as part of Impact Gym, an interactive platform developed for gyms and martial arts schools that uses the sensor to motivate members and increase retention. The home edition will be launched in the near future.

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The platform is modular and uses cutting edge technology to enhance a wide range of workouts. With the Impact Wrap as the foundation, it can be used to track users' performance in cardio kickboxing and boxing, line drills, self-defense and circuit training.

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Impact Gym comes with a Bag Server, which connects up to 8 Impact Wraps at a time, and a leaderboard used to display scores in real time during classes. All the participants' scores can be displayed on a monitor, 1080p TV screen or any other device that can display a webpage (not included with the platform). Up to 30 bags can be shown on a single screen, with usernames for each bag and colours that dynamically change to indicate the top three users. For larger groups, a second screen can be added to display all the members' scores.

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At the end of each training session, the leaderboard shows the final rankings. Privacy settings can be adjusted through the Admin screen or companion iOS or Android app for members who do not wish their scores to appear on the leaderboard. Instructors can also use the optional Level Playing Field feature to normalize the differences between genders.

boxing bag interactiveinteractive boxing bag

interactive boxing bag

The optional companion apps store the members' workout data and history and allow them to reserve bags before training sessions. Gym owners can use the apps to send push notifications and alert members to various challenges and events to boost engagement and retention.

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The home version of the Impact Wrap will provide users with advanced metrics, including strike count and frequency, average and hardest strikes, and Impact Score (strike count and force combined). Users will get a complete summary of all their workouts, a range of customized and pre-planned workouts, and an optional social sharing feature. The consumer version will be released in early 2018 and can be pre-ordered now.

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The Impact Wrap is suitable both for adults and children. Watch the video below to learn more about the advantages of using the platform in training.

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