Peloton Brings New Dimension to Group Cycling

Peloton Brings New Dimension to Group Cycling image: THE WEBRACING 

WebRacing's Peloton Multi-Ride program is designed to turn any spinning class into a virtual reality experience, allowing up to 32 cyclists or teams to train together or race against each other while immersed in a 3D virtual environment.

The software adds another element of fun to cycling classes, letting riders see their progress and performance metrics displayed on the screen. The program offers a number of tracks to choose from, from Iron Man courses to Velodrome.

The Peloton was developed to help cycling class instructors motivate riders to improve their performance and to increase class participation and retention. It can be adapted to suit a diverse range of training styles and fitness goals. The program can also be used independently, without an instructor present. The data from each session can be stored to provide insight into riders' improvement over time. The Peloton can be used with all cycling cardio equipment, which makes it an excellent choice for any gym or fitness facility.

To see some of the possibilities with the WebRacing software, watch the video.

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