Performance Simulation Helps Pro Golfers Improve Their Game

Performance Simulation Helps Pro Golfers Improve Their Game images: FORESIGHT SPORTS FACEBOOK 

Performance Simulation is among the most trusted lines of golf simulation products currently available on the market.

Performance Simulation, developed by Foresight Sports, is one of the most advanced lines of golf simulation products on the market today. The line includes a wide range of residential and commercial golf simulation solutions designed to meet every need and budget. Foresight Sports' golf simulation solutions are used by some of the world's top golf pros and are featured in corporate studios of Cleveland Golf, Adams Golf, Cobra/Puma, and other trusted names and brands in golf.

The home edition can turn any room into a golf simulation experience, one that delivers accuracy, flexibility and performance enhancement to users. Powered by the compact GC2 Smart Camera System, the simulation solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any setting that allows indoor golfers to safely swing their clubs. Foresight Sport designs, creates and installs custom-made golf simulation solutions, while also providing clients with site surveys, training, and space design.

Performance Simulation solutions help golfers improve their swing by providing them with a detailed analysis of all the important elements, including accurate back and side spin data, which gives users a highly realistic depiction of every shot. The applications available with indoor golf simulation products include training and instruction, online tournaments, club-fitting, gaming, and golf simulations.

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Foresight Sports has also recently rolled out a three-year plan to use its existing products and technologies to help professional golfers enhance their performance. The Get in the Game campaign aims to use the technology to attract new players to golf and to deliver a more engaging experience to current players.

Jon Watters, Owner, Foresight Sports, said, "We’re proud of our accomplishments over the past three years, but we have a bigger vision for what our technology can do for the game and for PGA Professionals. Everyone in the sport is concerned that player participation has been flat or declining, and that the game doesn’t have the growth it used to enjoy. So we’ve been working on ways for us, as a leader in technology, to help bring the game back to a position of growth with a new campaign we call 'Get In the Game.'"

Based in San Diego, California, Foresight Sports is known for its advanced GC2 Smart Camera System and HMT Head Measurement Technology. The company first launched its products in 2010 and has since seen them used by a growing number of golf teaching academies, golf clubs, retailers, and golf equipment manufacturers.

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