Polar Loop Tracks Activity and Delivers Smart Guidance

Polar Loop Tracks Activity and Delivers Smart Guidance images: POLAR 

Polar Loop is an excellent option for those who want to track their physical activity 24/7 and get smart guidance to reach their fitness goals.

Polar Loop is a device that tracks users' physical activity, providing them with data about their workouts and smart guidance to optimise their training. Users can wear the device on their wrist and get the data they need to improve their fitness level. Polar's activity tracker is easy to use and it displays users' daily activity, steps taken, and calories burned. It is waterproof and can even measure activity (without heart rate) in the water. It is the first activity tracker that connects to a separate heart rate strap to deliver accurate calorie data based on the user's heart rate.

Additionally, users can get free guidance with the Polar Flow web service and Polar Flow app. The Flow software combined with the Loop hardware offers some interesting features to users. The web service features include activity zones, a training diary, and advanced activity analysis, while the mobile app has an Inactivity Alert feature and also provides data on sleep duration and quality, distance measured, zones, and advanced analysis. Polar Loop automatically syncs to the free Polar Flow app and training community using Bluetooth. The data can also be transferred to PCs via USB.

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Polar Loop has a number of useful Smart Coaching features. The Activity Guide helps users stay active throughout the day, while Activity Benefit provides them with information on their daily, weekly, and monthly activity. The EnergyPointer feature offers guidance on how get into shape faster, and Smart Calories provides them with calorie burn data.

To get even more out their workouts, users can combine the device with the Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor.

To learn more about Polar Loop and see how the device is used, watch the video.

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