SkyTechSport Ski Simulator Wins ISPO Award

SkyTechSport Ski Simulator Wins ISPO Award images: ISPO FACEBOOK, SKYTECHSPORT 

SkyTechSport Ski & Snowboard Simulator is this year's winner of the ISPO Award in the Performance Segment, category Fitness Equipment.

SkyTechSport has won the 2014 ISPO Award in the Performance Segment, category Fitness Equipment, for its advanced Ski & Snowboard Simulator. The ISPO Award is presented annually to the world's most exceptional sporting goods, as voted by a jury of independent sports business professionals. The award is a reference for retailers when selecting products to add to their range and for consumers when choosing the best fitness equipment to buy.

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Used in more than 100 training facilities across the world, SkyTechSport simulators use sophisticated technology to reproduce the sensation of skiing down a real slope. They let skiers experience the same G-force effects that they would feel if they were skiing outdoors, on a real mountain. The simulators and the complex motion algorithms they use were developed by a team consisting of physicists, computer engineers, and mathematicians, and designed to help the world's top athletes improve their performance and stay at the top of their game in the long run.

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SkyTechSport Ski & Snowboard Simulator uses multiple smart optoelectronic sensors to track all the key parameters of skiers' motion, including their edging angles and the position of their skis on the slope. The sensors in the ski simulation platform send the data wirelessly to the main computer in real time. The computer analyses the response and the powerful drive system controlled by the computer simulates the conditions on the virtual slope.

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The SkyTechSports simulator lets users choose their trails and adjust the snow conditions. It can also create bumps on the slope for a more realistic experience. The simulator uses a 3D engine and a projection system to create a large display of the running slope. Indoor skiers can just put on their 3D glasses and start skiing. The options available for their training sessions include slalom, GS courses, and the endless slope. All their movements on the simulator are synced to the slope.

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