SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor Offers Accurate Simulation for Indoor Golf Practice

SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor Offers Accurate Simulation for Indoor Golf Practice images: SKYTRAK 

The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor is a unique golf training system that allows golfers to practice their swing anywhere, at any time.

The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor is an innovative golf training tool that allows golfers to perfect their swing without ever leaving their home. The innovative golf simulation platform is both affordable and highly accurate and offers golfers a virtual representation of everything from impact and ball flight to the ball’s destination. The system weighs less than 2 pounds and can be used for practice, play or entertainment.

SkyTrak allows users to hit balls with their own golf clubs into a net and it accurately captures thousands of data points to offer a realistic simulation of practice or play. The system gives users instant feedback for each shot to provide them with objective insight into their skill level and progress. Golfers get a range of helpful data screens that show them their shot history, performance by the club, and other information that reflects their actual performance and helps them improve their game.

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Paired with a companion app and an iPad, the device captures launch angle, ball speed, side angle, back spin and side spin to accurately simulate ball flight in a 3D virtual practice range. The system also offers various challenges and competitions, including Targets, Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin, to engage golfers in practice, make training more fun for them, and motivate them to play more.

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The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor was developed by SkyTrak LLC, a partnership between SportTrak LLC and SkyGolf. SportTrak specializes in creating entertaining digital solutions that help sport enthusiasts improve their game. SkyGolf is the company that created SkyCaddie, the top-rated rangefinder in golf and official rangefinder of the PGA. The company is dedicated to developing positioning systems that help golfers of all skill levels play better and have more rewarding experiences while playing.

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SkyTrak is Wi-Fi enabled, wireless, compact, portable and easy to use. Watch the video below to learn more about the system and hear about some of the advantages of using it.

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