Wexer Delivers Virtual Training for Fitness Clubs

Wexer Delivers Virtual Training for Fitness Clubs images: WEXER VIRTUAL, FACEBOOK 

Wexer Virtual provides world class content for virtual training classes in health and fitness clubs.

Wexer Virtual helps fitness clubs generate more value from their facility by offering virtual training classes 24/7 and not just during peak hours. The company supplies quality content for virtual classes that run on large screens, making it possible for clubs to reduce their downtime and to let members choose fitness classes on demand.

The virtual videos are an excellent tool to engage members in various activities using elements like forward motion videos in cycling classes, showing captivating scenery from locations around the world. The immersive quality of the large screens and the cinematic experience they provide keep members motivated and coming back for more.

Wexer Virtual works with the world's leading content providers to deliver yoga, pilates, dance, kick boxing, and cycling classes among other popular workout programs to fitness clubs around the world. The programs are designed to offer club members the best possible experience in their virtual class. Wexer's content partners include Les Mills, Zumba Fitness, Gaiam, Pilates Room, Induro Cycling, and Keiser TV.

The Wexer Virtual platform is the most flexible and affordable virtual platform available globally. The system is available in two versions: Basic Player and On Demand Player. Both versions are pre-loaded with all content, but Basic Player only supports pre-scheduled classes, while the On Demand Player also lets members choose classes on demand during non-peak hours at the club.

Club operators have a wide variety of content and video packages to choose from to fit their needs. The Wexer Virtual Content Package contains over 400 videos for classes ranging from high intensity cycling and conditioning to yoga and pilates. The Les Mills Virtual package offers a varied range of Les Mills classes, including BODYPUMP, BODYFLOW, BODYCOMBAT, SH'BAM, and BODYBALANCE.

The videos feature world class fitness instructors and cutting edge graphics to challenge gym goers to always give it their best when they exercise. The content can be customised and the platform also allows fitness club operators to add their own content, including workout videos, slides, and promotional material.

Wexer Virtual was launched in 2010 to provide a solution that would allow smaller fitness clubs to offer classes throughout the day without significant costs. Today, the Wexer Virtual platform is used in 15 countries across three continents. The content is constantly being improved to meet and exceed clients' needs.

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