In Motion Club: First Exergaming Club in Saudi Arabia

In Motion Club: First Exergaming Club in Saudi Arabia images: IN MOTION EXERGAME, FACEBOOK 

The In Motion Club is a health and fitness club in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that uses a range of fun active games to engage children in exercise.

The In Motion Club, opened in Riyadh in 2011, is a state of the art exergaming facility that lets children engage in a varied range of fun physical games and stay fit and healthy while socialising and competing with their friends and peers. The first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, the club is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering children an interactive experience that is more like an adventure than a training program.

The club lets kids exercise and burn calories by playing a wide collection of games and testing their skills in a series of challenges. The kids spend all their time in the club kicking, dancing, jumping, and climbing. While they are engaged in the interactive games, children develop social skills, learn to win and lose, meet new friends, and build self-confidence. The different exergaming programs also let them discover new talents through active play.

The interactive games available at the In Motion Club help develop children's strength, endurance, reflexes,focus, and memory. As they move from one game to the next, the kids are immersed in entirely new experiences and don't notice the effort they are putting into the games and competitions available at the club.

The In Motion Club offers some of the leading products in the fitness gaming industry to keep children active and entertained. These include Freedom Climber, an indoor interactive rock climbing wall, the Lightspace Floor, T-wall, Skywall, HaveyBall, Trazer, Makoto, ExerBike, and 3-Kick.


All these games require children to engage in various activities and progress through a series of physical challenges, from running, jumping, stepping, and kicking to dancing and climbing. The interactive solutions provide vigorous cardio exercise and a total body workout. By making exercise fun and placing it in a group setting, fitness clubs like In Motion help children learn to be fearless in their social interactions and develop self-esteem.

The In Motion Club was opened with the goal to draw on children's addiction to video games to attract them to a new form of fitness, allowing them to do something fun while simultaneously developing their physical, cognitive, and social skills. By turning digital entertainment into a healthy option, exergaming turns the problem into a solution, delivering a variety of benefits to users. The In Motion Club is the first club in the region to offer interactive games as an option and bridge the gap between entertainment and traditional forms of exercise. The instructors, members, and parents have all witnessed the positive effect the active games have had on the children, helping them overcome shyness and social phobia, lose weight, improve their overall fitness level, and develop teamwork and cooperation skills.


The In Motion Club is operated by The Interactive Company "TICO," a Saudi-based company founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs after extensive two-year research and testing of interactive products. The club is the flagship project for the company, whose other services include TICO Exergaming, Recharge Cafe, Sports Facility Management, and Special Projects.

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