Zwift: Massive Multiplayer Video Game for Indoor Cyclists

Zwift: Massive Multiplayer Video Game for Indoor Cyclists image: ZWIFT 

Zwift is a fitness entertainment platform that offers indoor cyclists a massive multiplayer gaming experience right on their stationary bike, allowing them to race against their friends and other users in real time.

Zwift works across multiple platforms and and connects to users' existing devices wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+.

When used with a smart trainer, Zwift can control the machine to simulate the changes in the terrain and other environmental conditions. The supported trainers include KICKR, CycleOps PowerBeam Pro, Computrainer, and Elite Real Trainers. Zwift can be used with virtually any other trainer as long as there is a device that broadcasts power.

The platform is also compatible with all ANT+ heart rate monitors including those made by Garmin and Wahoo. To get into the game, cyclists can use their PC or Mac to download Zwift, create an account, and connect their ANT+ devices.

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