Eccentron Offers Eccentric Strength Training for Better Rehabilitation Outcomes

Eccentron Offers Eccentric Strength Training for Better Rehabilitation Outcomes images: BTE, STAŚ OBREBSKI 

Eccentron is an eccentric resistance strength trainer designed to help therapists deliver better outcomes in a shorter amount of time.

Eccentron is a smart eccentric (negative) resistance strength trainer that offers eccentric leg press exercises to make rehabilitation more effective for patients suffering from lower extremity injuries or weakness, including weakness resulting from musculoskeletal, neuromuscular or even cardiopulmonary conditions. Developed to retrain leg muscles and improve patients' strength, balance and endurance, the trainer can be used both by athletes looking for a speedy recovery after an injury and people with serious medical conditions.

eccentric resistance strength trainer

Eccentric resistance exercises require that the muscles lengthen while in a state of contraction. These lengthening contractions create up to 40% more tension in the muscles and, as a result, the exercises strengthen the muscles more quickly. At the same time, they also give the muscles enhanced stability, which helps prevent falls. The Eccentron is the first device that can deliver these exercises safely and it allows patients to reap the proven benefits of eccentric training, which has long been recognized as highly effective by healthcare professionals.

eccentric resistance strength trainer

In sports, eccentric training helps improve athletes' explosive power, while stroke patients can use the device to retrain neural pathways and improve their motor control. Seniors can use the Eccentron to safely increase their stability and strength for improved balance and mobility, while patients with cardiopulmonary conditions can enhance their strength without doing intense aerobic exercise, as negative resistance exercises require 80% less oxygen consumption than traditional aerobic workouts.

eccentric resistance strength trainer

Designed to enhance patients' experience, the computer-assisted rehabilitation system tracks the patient's progress and offers visual feedback before, during and after each therapy session. While training, patients are engaged in an interactive game-like experience that keeps them motivated while the software guides them through therapeutic exercises and captures objective data for each leg.

eccentric resistance strength trainer

eccentric resistance strength trainereccentric resistance strength trainer

Eccentron was developed by BTE, a Maryland-based company specializing in human physical performance evaluation and treatment. The company creates rehabilitation equipment for hospitals, clinics and private practices as well as workforce solutions for businesses looking to optimize productivity and increase performance.

eccentric resistance strength trainer

BTE also offers research services and is a leading provider of objective Quantitative Muscle Testing for the pharmaceutical research industry. Additionally, the company is active in clinical education worldwide, offering training courses, onsite training, speaking engagements and online educational content to improve global patient care and outcomes through evidence-based practice. Watch the video below to learn more about Eccentron and the benefits of using it.

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