Hocoma Unveils New Rehabilitation Equipment at Medica 2013

Hocoma Unveils New Rehabilitation Equipment at Medica 2013 images: HOCOMA, SWITZERLAND 

Hocoma will present new rehabilitation equipment and robotic therapy solutions at the 2013 Medica exhibition.

Hocoma, a leader in robotic therapy and rehabilitation solutions for neurological movement disorders, will present a portfolio of new therapy equipment at the 2013 Medica, a leading exhibition for medical therapy and rehabilitation devices, which takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 20 to 23, 2013.

Hocoma's therapy devices include the Lokomat, a robotic gait training treadmill used in functional locomotion therapy, the Armeo line of rehabilitation devices used in neurological disorder and limb impairment therapy, the Erigo tilt table with integrated robotic stepping functions, used in movement therapy, and Valedo, a low back pain therapy device used for motivating functional movement therapy.

The use of new technologies in therapy and rehabilitation will be one of the major topics at this year's Medica, and Hocoma's devices, which are already widely used in clinics and research facilities across the world, are among the industry's most innovative products. The topics to be discussed include the integration of new technologies and therapy devices into the clinical routine and the role they play in making neurologic rehabilitation and therapy faster and more efficient.


Hocoma's products have shown to provide an effective intervention in the rehabilitation of the walking function after stroke and other impairing neurological diseases and injuries. A recent study published in Cochrane Reviews has revealed that stroke patients who combine electromechanical-assisted gait training with physiotherapy are more likely to become independent in walking than those who receive gait training without these devices.

The Lokomat, which is used very frequently in studies of robotic gait training, is one of the therapy devices that will be presented at the Medica. The device provides a motivating, high intensity training and is already used in rehabilitation and therapy facilities worldwide.

Sebastian Dietz, gold medal winner in discus throw at the 2012 Paralympics, is one of the many athletes who train with the Lokomat. Dietz, who will be in attendance at the Medica in November, is a strong proponent of the robotic gait trainer. "With the Lokomat I can experience again how natural walking and a harmonic gait pattern feels," he said in a release. "The Lokomat supports me with the relearning of the right movement and I am looking forward to the next therapy sessions."

The ErigoPro is another device that can play a significant role in early rehabilitation after a stroke. The prototype of the next generation was unveiled at last year's Medica and the device was launched on the European market in April 2013. The Erigo device is even more efficient in the early mobilization of stroke sufferers and other neurological and bed-ridden patients. It is the first therapy device that combines robotic verticalization with functional electrical stimulation (FES). The device provides a safe therapy solution for early patient mobilization and at the same time counteracts the negative effects of impaired physical mobility and immobility, accelerating the patient's recovery using intensive sensorimotor stimulation.

Medica attendees can get more information about Hocoma's range of therapy products at booth 317 in hall 4.


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