Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band Launched

Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band Launched images: MICROSOFT 

Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Health platform and Microsoft Band, the first wearable smart band powered by the new platform.

Microsoft has launched a new health platform, Microsoft Health, and an innovative wearable activity tracker, Microsoft Band, last week. Microsoft Health is the tech giant's response to the rapid innovation in the fitness and health industry and to the growing number of wearable devices emerging every day that use advanced sensors to provide users with data about their fitness, health, and nutrition. With Microsoft Health, the company is offering users the option to combine all the data they get from these devices and to use a cloud service to store the data and get powerful insights into their fitness and health. The platform is now available from the new Microsoft Health app, launched last week on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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Microsoft Health combines the data generated by different fitness and health trackers to make personal fitness monitoring easier and to deliver more detailed and holistic insights to users. Once the data is stored in Microsoft's new platform, the company's Intelligence Engine uses it to deliver a wide range of useful insights. These include information on exercises that burned the most calories during a training session, the amount of restful (as opposed to restless) sleep, and the recommended recovery time based on workout intensity. The more data the engine has to work with, the more intelligent it becomes. Over time, it learns if eating breakfast helps the user run faster and is able to identify factors that impact sleep quality.

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Microsoft Health will work with RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Jawbone, and MapMyFitness, with more cross-platform applications planned for the future. The platform will also soon make it possible for users to connect their data to HealthVault and share it with their physicians.

Microsoft has also launched the Microsoft Band last week. The new smart band is designed for individuals looking to improve their health, be more productive, and get detailed data about their activities throughout the day. The wearable tracker is the first device powered by Microsoft Health.

The Microsoft Band is designed to be worn around the clock and uses 10 smart sensors to deliver data on heart rate, calorie burn, steps taken, sleep quality, and more. The device also has Guided Workouts curated by Men's Fitness, Gold's Gym, Shape and Muscle & Fitness.

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The Microsoft Band is designed to make it easier for users to reach their health and fitness goals. Users can track their activity and workout stats throughout the day and use the phone app to monitor their progress over time. With Guided Workouts, they have access to targeted training routines that will help them achieve their goals faster. The built-in GPS records the routes they have walked, biked, hiked, or run, which are then mapped by the smart band and can be reviewed later using the phone app. The Microsoft Band also tracks users' reps as they exercise and provides them with a detailed summary of their workout. The heart rate monitor functionality provides them with a better understanding of their true metabolic burn rate, which can help them optimise their routines. At night, the Microsoft Band can be activated to track the length and quality of the wearer's sleep.

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The smart band also keeps users connected with emails, calendar alerts for important events, texts, incoming calls and updates from social sites, and also gives them access to Cortana, the personal assistant for Windows Phone.

Last but not least, the device is equipped with a smart UV monitor, giving users a real-time measurement of the UV Index so that they know when to apply sunscreen.

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