NBETTER Stroke Rehabilitation System Enhances Motor Recovery with EEG and Neurofeedback

NBETTER Stroke Rehabilitation System Enhances Motor Recovery with EEG and Neurofeedback images: NEUROSTYLE 

The nBETTER stroke rehabilitation system enhances motor recovery after stroke using a brain-computer interface and EEG for advanced neurofeedback.

Neurostyle Brain Exercise Therapy Towards Enhanced Recovery (nBETTER) is the first commercially available rehabilitation platform that uses EEG and a brain-computer interface (BFI) to improve the recovery of disabled chronic and sub-acute stroke patients. The system can detect movements of the affected limb and offers neurofeedback in the form of both engaging visual display and a mechanical response based on the patient’s information, EEG signals and performance parameters. The EEG is used to acquire the patient’s brain signal and it helps therapists understand the patient’s brain status better.

stroke rehab system

The innovative system is designed to build new motor controls directly in the brain and can significantly improve the patient’s motor function. The visual feedback that the platform offers takes the shape of virtual games which engage patients in performing repetitive movements, while the mechanical feedback is provided through a physical feedback mechanism that performs the physical rehabilitation of the affected arm by assisting patients in completing each therapeutic task based on the signals it receives from the software. 

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The nBETTER stroke rehabilitation system works either as a standalone application or, with the use of server modules, as an internet or intranet application. It uses a clinically tested algorithm to detect users’ motor intent and delivers exercises that help them create new neural connections and then strengthen them through repetition.

stroke rehab system

The nBETTER platform is lightweight and portable. It comes with an electroencephalograph (EEG), a physical feedback mechanism and a range of therapeutic interactive games. The system can be used at hospitals and rehabilitation centres as well as at home. It offers a remote assessment feature for telerehabilitation.

stroke rehab system

The rehabilitation platform was developed by Neurostyle Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based medical device manufacturing company that specializes in developing solutions for neurological diagnostics, monitoring and rehabilitation. Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of using the nBETTER platform in stroke rehabilitation.

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