NeuroTracker Delivers Cognitive Training for ADHD and Other Disorders

NeuroTracker Delivers Cognitive Training for ADHD and Other Disorders images: COGNISENS 

NeuroTracker offers cognitive training that helps improve cognitive processes and executive function in seniors and people suffering from ADHD and other clinical disorders.

NeuroTracker is a cognitive training tool that uses a gamified immersive environment and 3D multiple object tracking to improve a range of cognitive skills. These include attention, working memory, short-term memory, focus, awareness, and visual information processing speed. The system uses visuals to stimulate neuroplasticity, delivering benefits that show results in users' daily lives. Known to improve brain function, the tool helps most users gain measurable cognitive improvements after a relatively short period of training, as soon as within 10 sessions which last about 5 minutes.

neurotracker cognitive training

NeuroTracker is also used to measure and assess cognitive functions. It uses a patented guided system to find a user's threshold to deliver just the right amount of challenge, without overwhelming the user. This allows the system to deliver the best results in customised sessions that typically last from 3 to 10 minutes. NeuroTracker can help build and optimize neural networks in the brain, which also makes it effective as a tool for recovery after a concussion or stroke.

neurotracker cognitive training

The system has proven very useful in supporting the treatment of people with ADHD and other clinical disorders, as well as in providing cognitive gains for seniors. Studies have shown that healthy seniors improved their perceptual-cognitive performance, bringing it into the range of untrained young adults, after training with the NeuroTracker. The stimulating 3D environment that the system uses is very conducive to concentration and has also been used in schools to improve students' attention spans and train their focus, working memory and processing speed, as well as to address learning difficulties associated with ADHD.

neurotracker cognitive training

NeuroTracker was developed by Dr. Jocelyn Faubert, director of the Laboratory of Psychophysics and Visual Perception at the University of Montreal and co-founder of CogniSens, a Canadian company specializing in developing neurological technologies to improve cognitive capabilities. NeuroTracker is a result of 20 years of research and has applications in sports, learning, military, active aging and the medical field.

neurotracker cognitive training

Watch the video below to learn more about its use in enhancing attention and concentration in young adults.


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