SaeboVR Rehabilitation Platform Simulates Daily Activities in Virtual Worlds

SaeboVR Rehabilitation Platform Simulates Daily Activities in Virtual Worlds images: SAEBO 

SaeboVR is an innovative ADL rehabilitation system that combines virtual reality with therapeutic exercises to engage patients in the physical and cognitive challenges of daily functional activities.

SaeboVR is a proprietary rehabilitation platform developed to help people with impaired upper limb function improve the physical and cognitive skills required to perform the activities of daily living (ADL). The system uses real-life simulation and virtual reality to engage users in a diverse range of functional tasks and it provides real-time feedback through a virtual assistant. The assistant appears on the screen to provide instruction and facilitate users’ performance.

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The virtual world available with the SaeboVR platform is focused on everyday activities and it simulates the challenges that users regularly face in the real world. In rehabilitation, users are asked to perform a series of self-care tasks using their impaired arm. They must pick up, manipulate and transfer various virtual objects as they would while, for instance, shopping for groceries, preparing meals, gardening or putting away clothes.

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The virtual activities involve repetitive movements and can be adapted to individual patients to test and train a range of skills, including speed, cognitive demand, endurance, range of motion and coordination. The platform generates reports in a graphic display for an easy overview and has a dashboard that clinicians can use to track patients' performance and participation.

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Patients with an impaired upper limb can use other Saebo products with the VR rehabilitation programs. These include the SaeboMAS, SaeboMAS mini and Saebo Glove. The SaeboMAS and SaeboMAS mini are mobile arm supports specifically designed to challenge patients' weakened shoulder and help them participate in therapies that would have been impossible without the supports. The Saebo Glove helps patients with neurological or orthopedic injuries engage their impaired hand functionally in therapeutic exercises at home.

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SaeboVR was developed by Saebo, Inc., an American medical device company focused on developing affordable, life-changing clinical solutions designed to improve function and mobility in patients with neurological and orthopedic conditions. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company has an extensive network of trained clinicians across six continents and has helped more than 100,000 clients regain their independence.

To learn more about SaeboVR and see some of the possibilities available with it, watch the video below. The platform will be available in the near future.

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