Trampoline Therapy with Springfree Trampoline

Trampoline Therapy with Springfree Trampoline images: SPRINGFREE TRAMPOLINE 

The Springfree Smart Trampoline delivers therapeutic benefits for children with sensory integration difficulties.

A product that encourages kids to go outside and be active is a healthy enough endeavour in itself.  However, the Springfree Smart Trampoline can also benefit children with learning difficulties, sensory integration impairments, and those on the autistic spectrum.

Trampolining is recommended by many organizations and professionals in the area of autism, Aspersers syndrome, and ASD.

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Traditional trampolines with springs and a metal frame surrounding the mat, are also responsible for far too many injuries, and this is where the Springfree comes in; Springfree was designed specifically to remove the equipment-related dangers from trampolines.

Metal springs have been replaced with flexible rods. The frame has been moved to where it’s impossible to fall on. And most importantly for children with proprioception challenges, a strong flexible enclosure net gently catches jumpers who lose their balance.

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Its patented design has been academically proven to reduce equipment-related trampoline injuries by over 90%, providing peace of mind for parents wanting the benefits of trampolining without the risk associated with traditional spring trampolines.

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The use of trampolining in therapy dates as far back as the 1950's. By the 1980’s rebound therapy had become established for rehabilitation purposes, and it is now widely employed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and neurologists.

As well as benefiting physical development and motor skills, trampolining can help how the brain processes and organizes incoming information through physical movement. The rhythmic, repetitive nature of bouncing is relaxing, often calming the jumper while realigning sensory systems.

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The smart part of Springfree’s Smart Trampoline is the trampoline’s ability to interact with a tablet, creating a richer experience, and further motivation, for children to jump. Sensors at the edge of the mat detect the jumper’s position on the trampoline mat, and how high they’re jumping. This means the jumper’s whole-body movement controls the tablet.

The interaction with the tablet is fully active, with the 18 free apps included in the system working solely by trampoline input. For further motivation, activity tracking and goal setting features are built in.

Smart trampoline apps include educational apps, fitness apps, and fun apps designed to increase the time children are being physically active. That’s smart indeed.

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