Kinect Sports Rivals Launches Today

Kinect Sports Rivals Launches Today images: XBOX 

Xbox has released Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One today.

Xbox has released Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One in North America today and will launch the product on the European market on April 11. The release contains six sports games – some old, some new to Xbox – Soccer, Tennis, Rock Climbing, Target Shooting, Bowling, and Wake Racing. The new package is an improvement on previous versions and really showcases the gameplay capabilities offered by Microsoft's improved motion sensor and gesture recognition technology, much like Wii Sports did for Nintendo and Sports Champions for Sony at the time.

Kinect Sports Rivals is a next generation of Kinect Sports, the most popular and best-selling Kinect franchise. It builds on the success of its predecessor and delivers interactive sports games in re-imagined ways, made possible by the advanced technology available with Xbox One. Thanks to the improved platform, the games can immerse players in the fun, challenging environments of virtual sports and track their movements and gestures like never before.


The Kinect instantly scans the player, creates a stylized avatar, and then puts the player into the games and competitions available with the Kinect Sports Rivals. As the player makes progress though the game, the advanced technology of Xbox One creates a unique, evolving experience, one that responds to how the user plays the game.

The new Kinect motion sensor available with Xbox One has 10 times more power and three times more fidelity than the previous version. It can accurately track not only the player's limbs, but also hands and fingers, creating a highly detailed and responsive gameplay experience.

There are several ways to play the games, including seated, partial body and full body. Skill, accuracy and small gestures can make a big impact in the game, and every win a player makes adds to his fame and skill level, and unlocks rewards.

When the player starts the game, he is courted by three different rivalling teams, each with a different playing style and philosophy. As the player advances in the game and improves, he earns extra points and money for power-ups and outfits, and also garners fans after pleasing the crowd with big moves.


Kinect Sport Rivals comes with a social hub, which makes players want to stick around and keep playing through a series of daily or weekly challenges. The social matchmaking pits players against other players within their social sphere or skill level, and prompts them to compete against players of similar or higher skill level in order to keep advancing in the game. Kinect Sports Rivals is able to learn how individual players compete and, based on that knowledge, it creates an ever-growing network of potential competitors to ensure that there is always someone 'real' to compete with so that players never have to wait for their friends to get online.

With a never-ending variety of options, Kinect Sports Rivals ensures that no two players will ever have the same experience in the game, and that the competition never has to end as there is always a new online tournament to enter.

Watch the official launch trailer below.

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