Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Uses Double End Bag to Deliver Intense Interactive Workouts

Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Uses Double End Bag to Deliver Intense Interactive Workouts images: NEXERSYS 

Nexersys' Cross Body Trainer is an advanced cardio training solution that burns five times more calories than the treadmill.

The Cross Body Trainer, the latest training solution from Nexersys, is a sophisticated fitness machine that uses an 8'' double end bag to deliver workouts five times more intense than the treadmill. In only 15 minutes, the trainer takes athletes through five rounds of a highly effective full-body workout, helping them get in the shape of their life faster than they would if they stuck to traditional forms of cardio.

cross body trainer boxing game

The workouts are low-impact and use intervals to deliver results superior to those people get with treadmills, ellipticals and steppers. The combination of fast-paced rounds and high intensity interval training (HIIT) while applying the principles of muscle confusion burns up to five times more calories than regular cardio machines. Additionally, the workouts boost users' metabolism, keeping the burn going for up to 48 hours after each training session. Along with offering a fun cardio workout, the new Nexersys machine trains users' skills, focus, strength and hand-eye coordination.

cross body trainer boxing game

The Cross Body Trainer comes with an app that enables athletes to use their smartphones and tablets as their personal trainers and applies the same training principles used in box and MMA. The Cross Body Trainer App offers interactive instructions and striking techniques, as well as feedback and encouragement, while a wireless controller in the double end bag tracks all the important metrics. These include speed, power, accuracy and strike combinations. The app later uses the data to help users improve each aspect of their performance.

cross body trainer boxing game

The app includes gaming content to keep athletes immersed in the workouts, simultaneously training their bodies and minds. It allows users to challenge themselves with their own personal trainer without ever leaving the house. The training program itself introduces and develops different striking techniques and incorporates body weight exercises to improve users' core strength.

The Cross Body Trainer is suitable for beginners and professional athletes alike.

cross body trainer boxing game

To learn more about how the system works and see it in action, watch the video below.

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