Paofit Invites You to the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon

Paofit Invites You to the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon images: PAOFIT 

Digital fitness company Paofit and the Virgin Money London Marathon have announced the first ever Digital Virgin Money London Marathon.

Paofit, a leading developer of digital fitness solutions, and the Virgin Money London Marathon, the non-profit organisation behind London's annual fundraising event, have announced the first ever digital marathon, the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon. The virtual marathon will allow runners around the world to experience the energy and excitement of the iconic race through Paofit's iPad app, without leaving their home or fitness facility. Runners will be able to pass the same landmarks, including the Tower Bridge, from their own treadmill.  

Paofit is the only developer of fitness solutions that combines HD video of various running courses with virtual avatars to provide home fitness enthusiasts with a fun way to turn running on a treadmill into an exciting and social experience.

Treadmill users can already run a sample portion of the Virgin Money London Marathon to see first hand what 2013 marathon winner Tsegaye Kebede and second place winner Emmanuel Mutai saw during the marathon filmed in 2013.


To experience the London marathon, runners can simply download the Paofit app and the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon Showcase, and link their iPad to a Life Fitness treadmill with a Track+ or Discover Tablet Console. Their speed on the treadmill will be accurately recorded and incline adjusted to provide them with a realistic experience of the marathon course terrain. This is possible due to the app's integration with LFopen, the first truly open platform that allows developers to design interactive fitness solutions, created by Life Fitness. The runners will also be able to see the other runners in real time and experience the camaraderie and competition of the event.

Runners can also experience the marathon on other treadmills by opening the Paofit app, downloading the Showcase, and setting it on the treadmill. As they run, the vibration generated on the treadmill will cause the marathon course ahead to either speed up or down, reflecting their speed and cadence. Runners can also calibrate Paofit to match their stride and, in addition to this, the fitness solutions provider will be launching an independent treadmill speed sensor in the next several months.

Marc Hardy, Paofit CEO, said in a release, "Many runners dream of being able to run this legendary race, and it is now accessible to everyone through our partnership with the Virgin Money London Marathon. We're excited to be able to give any indoor runner the chance to experience part of the course, from novice runners to experienced racers."


Hugh Brashner, Race Director for the event, added, "We're proud that, together with Paofit, we can offer so many more runners the experience of participating in the Virgin Money London Marathon. Every runner has their own goals, whether it is running a 5k for the first time or competing in a full marathon. With the launch of the world's first digital marathon, the sport is more accessible than ever before to treadmill runners across the globe."

Dan Wille, Vice President of Marketing, Product and Business Development at Life Fitness, said, "Paofit's introduction of marathon courses into the app is a brilliant example of how creativity and collaboration can change the way people exercise through technology. Life Fitness is proud to partner with Paofit to make this exciting endeavour possible through LFopen so that anyone in the world—whether at home or the gym—will be able to compete in global races on a Life Fitness treadmill."

Runners can get the Paofit app in Apple's App Store. Paofit plans to release an Android and iPhone version later this year.

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