Springfree Trampolines Bring Smart Exercise to Your Backyard

Springfree Trampolines Bring Smart Exercise to Your Backyard images: SPRINGFREE 

If the prospect of stronger muscles, better coordination, and improved bone density isn’t enough to convince you that trampolining is serious exercise, then Springfree’s Smart Trampoline will.

Trampolines are often viewed as just for kids. However, Springfree Trampolines say it’s time for adults to reclaim the bounce, with a smart solution that turns the backyard trampoline into a home gym.

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Backyard trampolines offer jumpers a number of advantages. Working out at home eliminates many of the time constraints that adults face when starting an exercise program. Additionally, trampoline workouts have a broad appeal for all age groups and can be a fun activity for the entire family. While most adults invest in a trampoline to motivate their kids to be more active, the games and apps available with Springfree Trampolines offer a wide range of experiences and workout options that are just as compelling to adults as they are to younger users. This makes trampolines an excellent alternative to a treadmill, elliptical or any other type of cardio machine.

Springfree’s Smart Trampolines have mat sensors that detect jump location. They also detect how high you have jumped, and how many calories you are burning. The data is sent via Bluetooth to a tablet attached to the net and presented back in real time. The system was originally developed to encourage kids to be more active, with a collection of games and apps controlled by body movement. However, it is the adult-oriented fitness features that have surprised Springfree with their popularity.

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Trampoline workouts for adults

Springfree Trampolines come with a varied range of workouts that are suitable for adults as well as older children and teens. The tgomaFit app invites jumpers to choose from 26 trampoline exercises or one of the pre-set workouts and start exercising with a professional trampoline coach. Jumpers get comprehensive instructions for each exercise, along with video demonstrations and information about the benefits. The app offers users goal-oriented workouts, allowing them to set personalized goals and track their jumps, calories and time spent on the trampoline. To make the workouts even more fun, jumpers have different music options to choose from while they exercise.

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The JumpFit feature allows jumpers to access their workout stats, track their progress and set new goals. Users also get updates on local challenges and monthly worldwide events they can participate in to make their trampolining experience more exciting and motivating.

Benefits of rebounding

“We knew the Smart Trampoline was going to be popular with children, but as we researched the health benefits it became obvious that those benefits shouldn’t be limited just to kids”, says Jonathan Collins from Springfree. NASA research indicates trampolining is up to three times more effective than jogging, with ten minutes of intense trampolining delivering aerobic benefits similar to a half-hour run.

In addition to boosting cardiovascular health, trampolining is one of the most effective ways to improve balance and coordination as it requires jumpers to constantly sense shifts in the centre of gravity in order to find the best positions for landing. The exercise itself is known to build muscles, strengthen joints and ligaments, and increase bone density.

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The rebounding effect can also significantly strengthen the immune system, stimulating the lymphatic system and metabolism, improving blood circulation, and pushing toxins out of cells during the rebound.

Trampoline workouts

Springfree teamed up with Olympic trampoline coach, Angie Dougal, who created a series of workouts with home exercisers mind. The app leads users through routines, explains the benefits of each exercise, and presents activity stats back in real-time. For added motivation, fitness goals can be set, plus progress and activity history can be viewed.

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“A lot of exercises are hard on your joints so trampolining is an excellent alternative. It’s highly aerobic but, because the mat absorbs the impact, it’s a lot kinder on the joints”, Collins says. “The g-forces involved are great for cellular and musculoskeletal health”.

Over 2 million calories have been burnt so far on Springfree Smart Trampolines. Numerous global awards have been awarded to Springfree for their unique design that reduces injury by using flexible rods instead of springs, having a Soft Edge mat 30 times more shock-absorbent than pads, a frame positioned where it’s impossible to fall on, and a flexible enclosure that cushions the jumper.

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