Virtual Pong Brings Table Tennis to the Living Room

Virtual Pong Brings Table Tennis to the Living Room images: SHARPER IMAGE 

Virtual Pong, a futuristic interactive game from Sharper Image, uses a simulated ball of light to bring ping pong to any room in the house.

Virtual Pong is a dynamic, fast-paced interactive game that brings a futuristic version of table tennis to the players' living room. The game challenges players to focus on a simulated ball of light that bounces off the ceiling and walls, and to use an electronic "racquet" to smack the ball to play against the game console or another player. The racquets work a bit like Wii controllers, and players can simply swipe them at the virtual ball to bounce it back to the opponent. The first player to 11 wins the game.

virtual ping pong

Virtual Pong uses a small, portable game console that can be placed anywhere in the house. The device projects the ball of light back and forth between the players, allowing them to enjoy the game on any table, without worrying about hitting the ball too hard or constantly having to retrieve it. The competitive nature of ping pong gets the players moving and having fun, and the virtual aspect the game only enhances the appeal of the original game, using every corner of the room as a virtual playing field. Virtual Pong can keep both kids and adults entertained for hours at a time.

virtual pong

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virtual pong

Released in late 2014, Virtual Pong comes with two racquets and needs 2AAA and 3AAA batteries for the racquets and the light. The game is suitable for players aged 6 or older. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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