Kinesthetic Learning in the Classroom

Kinesthetic Learning in the Classroom image: KIDSFIT FACEBOOK 

The Kinesthetic Classroom is a result of extensive research and testing, and it allows educators to have more control in the classroom while providing pupils with a better learning environment.

The Kinesthetic Classroom, created by the fitness gaming company Kidsfit, is a new way of learning and interacting that allows children to be physically active while simultaneously acquiring new knowledge in the classroom.

Kidsfit, a manufacturer of children’s exercise equipment, collaborated with a number of experts from various fields, from education to brain research, to create a line of products designed specifically for classrooms. Kidsfit’s standing desks, motion tables and chairs encourage children to stay in motion by performing a number of simple movements while they learn. At the same time, the Kinesthetic Classroom provides teachers with more control over the children’s behaviour, allowing them to provide pupils with a better learning experience than the one they would get in a traditional classroom.


A number of studies over the years have shown that having children stay physically active while they are learning keeps them more engaged and helps them stay focused and retain information. The Kidsfit educational equipment, designed to inspire active, healthy lifestyles, allows children to move around the classroom – to walk in place, cycle, balance, perform elliptical movements, and engage in other physical activities – and can be used either while sitting or standing.

Standing stations are quite popular with children, as kids generally prefer to stay on their feet and keep moving while doing various classroom tasks. The ability to learn while keeping active minimizes disruptive behaviour and helps children burn all the excess energy, which can have a positive effect on their behaviour at home as well. Beyond the educational and health benefits, kinesthetic learning is also known to improve children’s motivation, mood, mental health, and ultimately their grades.

Equipment for the Kinesthetic Classroom comes with training and certifications for schools and other educational facilities. To see how it is used in an action-based learning lab, watch the video.

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