UnitedHealthcare and Hasbro Launch Nerf Energy to Increase Physical Activity Among Students

UnitedHealthcare and Hasbro Launch Nerf Energy to Increase Physical Activity Among Students images : UNITEDHEALTHCARE, HASBRO 

UnitedHealthcare and Hasbro have teamed up to launch a new initiative to increase physical activity among students by distributing Nerf Energy Game Kits to track and reward students for being physically active.

UnitedHealthcare and Hasbro are working together on a new nationwide initiative in the U.S. to motivate elementary school students to be more physically active through playing active games. To kickstart the initiative, the companies have distributed Nerf Energy Game Kits to more than 200 fifth graders in Buffalo, New York. The game kits are part of the companies' efforts to combat childhood obesity through education and active gaming. They are designed to monitor activity and reward kids for being physically active, and will be rolled out nationwide at a later date.

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Developed for children aged 6 to 14, Nerf Energy Game Kits come with a Nerf Energy Game Band activity tracker, a Nerf Pro Foam Soccer Ball, and the Nerf Energy Rush app for Android and iOS devices. As students play with the soccer ball and are active, they earn energy points, which they can then use to play the Nerf Energy Rush mobile game on their smartphone or tablet. The game challenges players to jump, turn and avoid obstacles to make progress and continue playing.

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As part of the initiative, the two companies are teaming up with the City of Buffalo Public Schools and Buffalo State College to motivate kids to keep using the game kits for the duration of the school year by organizing a Nerf Energy Challenge, a competition between schools to earn the most energy points. The challenge will run throughout the school year, with Buffalo State College students helping plan different activities and track results.

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The initiative was launched with the belief that insight into their true activity levels will motivate students to be more active and that being rewarded for their activity will encourage them to move even more. Active gaming is known for its potential to curb inactivity and obesity and the Nerf Energy platform is designed to make being active rewarding, engaging and fun. UnitedHealthcare and Hasbro plan to deliver 10,000 Nerf Energy Game Kits to children in several states across the U.S. Children aged six to 12 will be eligible to them at no cost.

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